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Yoga Class on Sep 11, 2011

posted Sep 15, 2011, 9:31 AM by Balvihar Teachers Yoga   [ updated Sep 15, 2011, 10:04 AM by Balvihar Administrator ]
The students were advised with the following do's and don'ts  for the Yoga Class.
  • Shoes and their bags to be placed near the wall close to the door.
  • Talking amongst students in the class is not allowed.
  • Students are encouraged to ask questions in the class.
  • They can start asking the questions by first raising their hand, and on being prompted by the teacher - ask the question.
  • Students are encouraged to be relaxed and have a nice smile on their faces during the yoga postures.
Importance of Warmups
        Warmups help the body prepare itself for an upcoming physical activity. It helps in improving the cardiovascular functions in the body. It activates the muscles in the body and helps prevent injuries during the asanas.

Importance of balance between Activity and Rest
        Just as physical activity is important, it needs to be balanced with a period of equivalent rest. Yoga asanas are strenuous physical exercises and it is important to conclude the session with relaxation with Shavasana.

Rigorous Warmups
        The rigorous warmups for the class is mostly medium paced in-place jogging and ensuring students keep their bodies front faced, hands by their sides and raising their knees high.

Tadasana - (Mountain Pose) Asana to impart strength and balance to the body. Helps students correct their posture, enhance their energy levels and prevents back problems due to incorrect posture.
Click on the link to learn about Tadasana.

Vrikshasana - (Tree Pose) Asana to impart strength to the legs (one leg at at time) and enhance the balance. Click on the link to learn about Vrikshasana.

Shavasana - (Corpse Pose) Asana to help relax the body and mind after yoga postures.
Click on the link to learn about Shavasana.

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Preview of the Yoga class - Sep 25, 2011
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