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Yoga Class on Sep 25, 2011

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Before the Class.
         The 3A class had enjoyed the story of Prahalad in the class. We steered the discussion about the life of his father Hiranyakashipu and his penance, boon and how he misused the boon.

         The 3A class had a lively discussion about the "Gifts in their life".
Children were encouraged to speak up about the things they considered gifts in their life. Here a short list of items that were brought up by the children.
1) Gift of education - able to attend school and receive education.
2) Gift of parents
3) Gift of Life
4) Gift of roof over their heads and warm home.
5) Gift of food and nourishment.

many many more such items . . .

The physical body is an important gift in our lives.
It is important to take good care of this body. Hygiene, Good food, exercise and rest are essential in taking good care of this gift.

We encourage the parents to engage the children in such discussions at home and stimulate their thinking and help improve the self awareness.

Rigorous Warmups

        The rigorous warmups for the class is mostly medium paced in-place jogging and ensuring students keep their bodies front faced, hands by their sides and raising their knees high.

Natarajasana - (Lord of the Dance Pose) Asana to impart strength to the shoulders, chest, thighs and legs and ankles and improves balance. Click on the link to learn about Natarajasana.

Garudasana - (Eagle Pose) Strengthens and stretches the ankles and calves, thighs, hips, shoulders and upper back. Asana improves concentration and sense of balance. Click on the link to learn about Garudasana.

Utkatasana - (Chair Pose) Asana to strengthen the ankles, thighs, calves and spine. Stretches the shoulders and chest and stimulates abdominal organs, diaphragm and heart. Reduces flat feet. Click on the link to learn about Utkatasana.

Uttanasana - (Standing Forward Pose) This intense asana involves stretching the torso forward and then down. The benefits include calming the brain, relieving stress. Stimulates the organs in the abdomen, hamstrings, calves and hips. Improves digestion. Click on the link to learn about Uttanasana.

Ardha Uttanasana - (Standing Forward Pose) This intense asana involves stretching the torso forward. The benefits include strengthening the back and improves posture. Click on the link to learn about Ardha Uttanasana.

Shavasana - (Corpse Pose) Asana to help relax the body and mind after yoga postures.
Click on the link to learn about Shavasana.

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Preview of the Yoga class - Sep 25, 2011
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