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Procrastinating Does Not Help You Reach Your Goals

posted Dec 23, 2011, 3:29 PM by Balvihar Teachers Yoga   [ updated Aug 25, 2012, 8:27 PM by Balvihar Administrator ]
One day Mullah Naseerudin was busily searching for something in
his yard.  One of his freind was passing by and stopped to ask him what he was
doing.  Mullah replied “I have lost the keys to my treasure trunk and I am
looking for them”.  The friend decided to help the Mullah find his keys.  Soon a
few more people joined them in looking for the keys.  After a while, one of them
stopped and said “we have been looking for these keys for sometime now we should
have found it by now” and another said “True, Mullah,  let us retrace your
steps, where were you when you lost the keys?”  Mullah replied “oh, I lost them
in the bedroom”.  Everyone stopped in surprise and asked in unison “then why are
you looking for them here!”  The Mullah replied “Because there is more light
here and the garden is so pretty”.